Chapter 28—Lupus Solitarius (2)
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Craig, himself, had those same doubts. It was too much to take in. Sending two hundred people a year to their deaths? He told William and Lisa he needed a few days to think about it. Well, William wasn’t going to wait that long. He taught Craig a lesson in power politics that night when he arranged for that Fector attack, for the death of his three closest friends. Craig knew he didn’t have a choice then, and the very next day told William he’d abide by the truce. He wondered through the years if Lisa knew, but was afraid the answer would be yes. He never brought it up with her in all the years they’d been married.

He took a deep breath. “He’s right. He’s pretty much untouchable until he’s out of the Navy. We’ll give him until the twelfth. We won&rs...

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