Chapter 28—Lupus Solitarius (1)
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Chapter 28—Lupus Solitarius

noun [lü’-pəs()sä-lə-ter’-rē-əs]

1. Lone Wolf.

Aaron Darveau, May 18, 1983

“Craig!” Aaron exclaimed, “the Fectors only have one punishment—death! I’m not a lawyer, but from what I’ve read in the Archives, shunning wasn’t supposed to be a death sentence. You’ve turned it into one.”

“The alternative is constant warfare with the Fectors,” Craig barked angrily. “Those bastards showed me what they could do back in ‘58. They caught three of my fellow lupis and me in a parking lot late one evening. Out of the four, they let me live with a warning. ‘Stick with the truce, or we’re m...

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