Chapter 27—Father Ignacio (3)
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Father Ignacio asked, “What’s this offer?”

William sat back in his chair and rested his hands in his lap. “Do you know what Lupis solitarius are?”

“Yes. Those that have been shunned for violating some internal law you have.”

William raised his eyebrows. “Exactly. I’d like to know how you know that, but I won’t press the matter. Anyway, we have no use for shunned lupis. He’s dead as far as the Race goes.”

“So? Get to the point.”

“If you agree to cease the attacks against the clans, I can assure you a steady supply of Lupis solitarius. We’ll alert you to the shunned ones. We don’t want them running around any more than you do. In addition, we will henceforth consider an...

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