Part III—Sui Deceptio | Chapter 26—Illustratio
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Part III—Sui Deceptio

noun [sü’-ī()di-sep’-tē-ō]

1. Self deception.

Chapter 26—Illustratio

noun [il’-lus-ˌträ-tē-ō]

1. Enlightenment

Aaron Darveau, May 18, 1983

Craig, Lisa, and Karen were enjoying the sunset from the patio and sipping on coconut margaritas when Aaron stormed out to them. He demanded their attention by blocking their view of the fields out behind the villa. He got right to the point. “Hey, y’all, how did the Fectors know to go after Kyle so quickly after he was shunned? There’s no way they could have known.”

Craig refused to make eye contact with Aaron. He took the straw in his drin...

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