Chapter 25—Inperium (3)
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Two days later Aaron found a manila envelope on his bunk. He detected the scent of his roommate and the scent of someone he didn’t know on it. His roommate’s scent made sense; he must have put it there. The unknown scent, it was of leather and wood and oiled iron. Aaron opened it up, curious as to the personal nature of the delivery. It contained a single newspaper clipping about a gruesome double murder, beheadings, down on Orange Blossom Trail. A wave of dizziness poured through him as he studied the victims’ pictures. It was Kyle and Sally. He filed that scent away for future reference. He looked at the date on the newspaper clipping. Yesterday. That meant they were killed the same night Aaron shunned Kyle.

Attached to the clipping was a handwritten note that simply asked, &l...

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