Chapter 24—Illustro (4)
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Lupus sapiens. Even the Navy didn’t expect new sailors to know everything when they got to their first ship. The first few months were spent just teaching them the basics about how to find the mess deck, their berthing compartment, and their duty station. New sailors thought they were drinking from a fire hose, but in the grand scheme they were only spoon fed.

Jajine’s voice still reverberated in his head, though. “Trust your instincts, Aaron. You have good instincts.” Would his instincts permit him to be a good Lupus Rex? He didn’t seem to think this is what she had in mind. She seemed to think he would be facing some kind of evil. So far, he hadn’t found it.

As the end of that blissful hiatus from Navy life rolled to a stop, Aaron found hims...

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