Chapter 21—Tiro
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Chapter 21Tiro

Noun [tir-ō]

1. Recruit

Mrs. Goetz, 1928

A howl pierced the walls of Mrs. Goetz’s kitchen, and she froze, her chopping knife suspended one inch above her vegetable-covered cutting board. She’d heard the howl before but never this loudly and never in the daytime. She wasn’t sure how long she stood there with her knife gripped tightly in her hand. She slowly crept over to the window and saw John fall out from the burning, hay lift door. She cried out, “John, No!” and then dropped her knife on the floor, grabbed a blanket off the settee in the foyer, and ran outside. The barn was a unchecked furnace, but she was able to beat her way over to John just in time to smot...

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