Theresa Mack
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Theresa Mack checked herself out in the rearview mirror as she cruised up the turnpike.  The mirror showed a young woman with short spiky brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, and a cute button nose.  She nodded at herself approvingly.

"Not bad, girl" she said to herself.

Theresa's mother called her "Pixie" due to her delicate features.  The nickname drove her crazy, but secretly she liked it as a term of endearment.  Most of the time, she simply wished she wasn't always known as the cute one.  Cute girls are a lot like nice guys in her book - they tend to finish last.  She dreamed of being the hot one, or at least the beautiful one.

She pressed down on the accelerator and her red Dodge Avenger picked up speed.  On the turnpike, if you we...

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