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Jane and Eddie waited in Captain Riley's office.  It was a typical NYPD captain's office, with framed citations along the wall and interior mini blinds to shut out the twenty four hour commotion of the rest of the police station.

Eddie winced as he swallowed the stale coffee from the Styrofoam cup.  "That stuff is terrible! 

"Remind me to get Starbucks next time," he said.

"Ha!  On our salaries, you better stick to Dunkin' Donuts," Jane replied.

Just then Captain Riley barreled into the office and slammed the door.  He was a flurry of frustration and sweat.

"Sorry for the wait, Detectives.  Some of my guys can't tell their butts from a hole in the ground," he spat.

Jane tried to keep from laughing...

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