The Hudson Hotel
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Angela led Dean inside.  As escalator lined with bright lights led up to the Hudson’s registration desk and lounge.

“I can’t wait!  This is the hottest lounge in town!”  Angela beamed.

Dean rolled his eyes.

“C’mon!  You won’t be complaining when I start shaking it,” Angela said slyly, dancing in place on the escalator.

“Well, since you put it that way, I guess it will be ok,” Dean smiled back.

They reached the hotel lobby.  Dark wood panels led up to a high ceiling accented by a beautiful chandelier.  Music thumped from off to the right where a small hallway led to the club.

“Selfie time!” Angela said, pulling Dean close as she pulled her cell phone out of her handbag.  “Say Hudson!&rdq...

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Table of Contents

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