Safe House
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George guided the Jaguar smoothly into the garage and parked.   Honey marveled at the exotic cars that lined the spaces.  There were Maseratis, Mercedes, Bentleys and other high-end vehicles.

Honey, you've hit the jackpot! marveled the Mad Rebel.  Honey sighed.

"All good?" asked George.

"Everything's great," she replied.  For the love of God, Honey, run out of this garage and never look back! urged the Sour Schoolmarm.  Honey waited while George walked around the car to open the door for her.  She was eager to get out into the open.

He offered his hand and she took it as he led her to the elevator.  

Honey had never seen such a clean elevator - it was spotless.  Even the buttons seemed polishe...

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