A New Ride
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Honey sat at the table and pushed the cold piece of pizza around her plate.  She had driven on the New Jersey Turnpike almost to the last exit before leaving the highway.  She wasn’t sure of her next steps.  She had removed the license plates from her car to buy some time, but sooner or later they would be looking for her in connection with Mr. Frankel’s murder.

On the news and TV, a life on the run was always portrayed as romantic and exhilarating, but so far she had only felt confused and empty.

Darling, this is downright silly, pleaded the Sour Schoolmarm.  Turn yourself in!

Immediately the Mad Rebel flew to Honey’s defense: Shut your mouth!  Honey’s husband is out there in the city.  He looks like a smart one.  He will...

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Table of Contents

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