Looking for Answers
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Jane and Eddie pulled up to Honey’s farmhouse.  Honey's mother was out on the porch, nervously pacing.

As they emerged from the cruiser, Honey’s mother ran down to greet them.

“Are you here about Honey?  Is my daughter ok?” she asked.  Jolene Jackson was not an ugly woman, but years struggling as a single mom made her look older than she was.

“Ma’am, can we step inside for a moment?” Jane asked.

“Oh God!  It’s bad, isn’t it?” Jolene pleaded, grabbing Jane’s arm.

“Please ma’am, let’s discuss this inside,” Eddie urged.

 Although still visibly distraught, Jolene released her grasp on Jane and led them up the porch steps and into the living room.

Honey guided them to...

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Table of Contents

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