Run Like Hell
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Honey raced up the dirt road to the farm house leaving a trail of dust in her wake.

The events of the past few hours didn't seem real, but her blouse was covered in sticky blood and her work slacks were caked in dirt from hastily digging s shallow grave with her hands for Mr. Frankel.

You're just making it worse!  Pleaded the Sour Schoolmarm.  For God's Sake, turn yourself in!   But the Mad Rebel was there immediately overriding the Sour Schoolmarm: Run like Hell, Honey!

Honey slammed the car door, raced across the porch, and sprinted up the stairs to her room.

Honey's mother was in the kitchen and called up after her.  "Darling, are you ok?  Did something happen at work?"


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Table of Contents

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