Chapter 36 - The Toad's Dream Come True (2)
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picked up her table. She gave him a threatening look. He stopped waggling his eyebrows.

“For starters,” Harmony said in a deceptively sweet voice. “How can you possibly believe I would want to live in your filth? I am dainty, sweet, and aside from a few small blemishes – all caused by you I might add – I am a vessel of perfect feminine beauty and charm, yet you have me trapped in this squalid, disgusting... place filled with grossness.”

The vessel of perfect feminine beauty and charm paused here to motion at said squalid grossness.

“What could you possibly be thinking in that dull little brain of yours?” Harmony swatted at Clap’s tattooed scalp to show him where his dull little brain was kept just in case he had lost track.


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