Chapter 36 - The Toad's Dream Come True (1)
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At this point, I feel that I should steal a bit of poetic license from those writers out there with pretty words that tell intricate tales about extraordinary events. They seem to love the whole point of view swapping thing with as mad of a passion as I enjoy rehashing this journey to the sparkling land of true love from my singular position. With this in mind, meet Tattoo Head. He has a few things that he would like to ramble on about. I owe him at least the hint of fairness since even though he is the horrid goblin that unceremoniously ripped me from my meadow, I could only have held your attention with descriptions of copulating butterflies and spawning fish for so long. If you're still here with me, that smelly man and his soot-belching monstrosity are the reason.

So, without further ado, I...

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