Chapter 34 -Second Chances (2)
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margin-right:0in">“Well then, it seems you caught me,” I said with fake fear.

And with that, I set aside her budding plan to pick up the end table and get down to the joys of living free. Just for a couple of days, I told myself. Maybe a few depending on how it all went. It might take as much as a week to decide how best to make Tattoo Head pay for all of the bumps, scrapes, bruises, extra weight, and loneliness I had suffered at his tree thievery. But what was a week to settle a score when I had a lifetime of freedom and the promise of love ahead of me?

Tattoo Head stood at the door laughing a slow and stupid laugh. I watched disgustedly as what passed for his brain seemed to sink. First, it filled up his eyes and glued their gaze to my over-ripe décolle...

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