Chapter 34 -Second Chances (1)
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My first groggy thought upon waking was that there was a stale cigarette and old sweat smell in the air. My eyes opened to the blurry view of an angular beige space. Dark shapes loomed here and there interrupting the bland tone and a bright glowing spot hovered over my head.

I rubbed my eyes and a strange world came into focus. Don't get me wrong, I knew what a room was. The Love Shack was a room, after all. Plus, I'd seen plenty of rooms shining up at me from the glossy photos in the magazines left abandoned on the park bench. Those photos gave me a great overview of what furniture was even if the best I could manage in my little sanctuary of carnal desires was a workbench covered in leaves and a wheelbarrow.

What I didn’t understand how I could be in one and surr...

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