Chapter 33 – The Promise and the Pain
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   I wanted to kiss him, touch him, devour him with my eyes. I wanted to throw him down on the sodden ground beside the pond and rekindle our initial spark. I wanted to pull my tree from the ground and shove it in his car to follow him to the ends of the earth. But the storm was raging, and my squirrels were terrified by far too many things for me to be selfish.

   I stepped back feeling a physical pain at the loss of his hands upon my face. I turned to my tree and held my hands out to the only family I had here. The only ones that had ever just loved me, anyway.

   They climbed onto me with so much trust it nearly broke my heart. I whispered encouragement and unintelligible words of love to them as the man of my fevered dreams opened the carrier. T...

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