Chapter 30 - The Stuff Dreams are made Of
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   You with the adorable dimples over there. Yes, you. I can feel that question you're wanting to ask: Why not try out a dating website? Everybody’s doing it, after all, your best friend’s cousin found the love of his life on one just last month. That was it, right?

   Well, for two reasons. The first one was that meeting someone for coffee isn't really something I can do, what with the minimal traveling distance and no handy coffee truck parked in the near vicinity. Duh!

   The second is more complicated. Given time to ponder while my dead-as-a-door-nail phone recharged, I faced two very difficult truths.

   After considerable ruthless introspection, I realized that my first lover had found me only because Mama N had been bored and ne...

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Table of Contents

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