Chapter 28 - The Desire for Warmth
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   I gnawed at the idea like an ant at a peach pit for a few days. My tree, asleep until spring quickened its juices once more, was no help in the matter, but for once didn't seem like quite the hindrance that it normally was. Instead, it became my haven away from the world outside while I let this new and mysterious piece of the puzzle settle into place.

   My final verdict? Mother Nature, in all of her mysterious and often gruesome ways, had once again delivered a set of rules and then promptly broken them with a merrily tittering giggle.

   I took stock of the situation as rationally as a love-sick dryad could take stock of any situation. After some careful thought and painstaking consideration, I concluded that Andrew and I had been in a one-plus-one-equals-one-...

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