Chapter 25 - The Benefits of Good Lovin' (1)
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   Our weekend together was enlightening in so many ways to me. Not the least of which was learning that I could, indeed, eat human food. I didn't need to eat it, but after tasting pizza for the first time, I was a huge fan. Coffee, too. And doughnuts. Heck, anything my voracious lover could procure within the shortest distance possible upon his shining, pedal-powered steed was a welcome taste treat. He required refueling at regular intervals, so I was able to try a great many things and loved them all.

   Saturday was spent perusing the footage and deciding on better angles and more unique positions as he slowly stroked in and out of me in languid movements that built the fires inside slowly but surely. As our breath quickened, we conjured up new ideas and shared them in breath...

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