Chapter 23 - The Bloom Returns
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   Oh, my dear golly gumption but that lad had stamina and a heaping dose of motivation. I don't know if his dry spell had lasted as long as mine, but his enthusiasm to see its end grew by leaps and bounds as soon as my lips found his. In turn, his ardor fanned the flames coursing through me demanding more with each touch, each caress. We were an inferno of desire before either of us could even acknowledge the spark between us.

   I'd prepared for the event with care, pulling together actual clothing to wear instead of just the illusion of such. Having dedicated squirrel worshipers with a knack for sniffing out handy things had been an asset like no other. They raided three lost and found boxes and a couple of trash cans just so I would be able to perform a striptease t...

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