Chapter 18 - The Laws of Attraction
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   I see that I left you on a down note. I should apologize...but I won't. Truth is truth even when it's ugly. Besides, my wallow in self-pity produced some surprisingly optimistic thoughts. Sure, I might not be able to go on a grand adventure of my own, but I still had the magical lands inside the cell phone to explore. Plus, judging by how often everyone in the offices around the park was shouting into them, I was sure to be able to convince a swarm of adventures to come to me. And let's face it, I was more than do for a very specific type of adventure. Living in the memory of my first foray into love in the meadow wasn't working anymore. Neither was the tease of my flaxen-haired make-over artist's fingers in my hair. I needed a more than heaping helping of the stuff na...

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