Chapter 15 - The World at my Fingertips and so out of Reach
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   Two days later, it became painfully clear to me that if I was going to get my magical new treasure to do more than just keep open bags of chips from blowing out of my reach, I was going to need help. This posed a problem. You'll remember that since my arrival to this sketchy oasis surrounded by fancy buildings and busy people, both of which determined to declare their importance to all who saw them, I had been overlooked to the point of invisibility by everyone but my bushy-tailed band of kleptomaniac squirrels. If I was unable to gain notice for a quick nooner behind the bushes, something told me that I wasn't going to have any better luck begging for help with a cell phone.

   I sat under the dying light of another day and sent a plea out to Mama N for a litt...

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