Chapter 14 - The Dawn of A Whole New World (1)
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   You may be wondering how I kept my sanity. I mean, I was in the middle of what could only be described as the madhouse of humanity without so much as a friendly acquaintance to call my own. I was more invisible than if I had sunk into the tangled roots of my little tree--which was showing frightening signs of being stunted by the move, no less. There was no silence to calm my mind. There were no sweet breezes carrying the scent of honeysuckle. And worst of all, there was a colony of ants beneath the sidewalk that made nightly attacks on an exposed root that left me with an oozing rash on my left ankle. I had every reason to embrace the liberating realms of lunacy.

   So, why didn't I? The first reason came from a very unexpected source. For all of my life, I had d...

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