Chapter 12 – Transplantation
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   The yellow metal beast made its first jerky lunge toward the road. Although I was now ensconced inside the sanctuary of my tree, I was still me. My manifested body simply occupied the same space as the wood fiber and sap. My knees had new bruises and the unpleasant reemergence of my breakfast oozed over of my cleavage. It was unpleasant but overall I was fine. Well, I was fine until I decided to get curious and slipped back into the world at the same moment Tattoo Head turned out of the parking lot. Had I just poked my head out, I might not have suffered from the ill effects of gravity. Worse, the tree had tilted, during the wild ride. This put a number of whipping branches between me and the ground. Red welts covered me from head to toe before I finally caught myself just inches from the bla...

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