Chapter 11 - The Ethically Questionable Hand of Fate (2)
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surface I had ever seen. The resulting blister finally drove me back into the heart of my tree.

   As the cosmic sense of humor would have it, Tattoo Head’s boss owned an internet-based nursery business where people could order everything from aspens to zinnias. He was the type of man who would truly appreciate and revere a dryad, even one as pissed off as I was at that moment. He would go to great lengths to see that such a dryad was happy and never lacked for company or attention. He would lavish her with gifts at every opportunity. Of course, I wouldn't learn that until years later when it didn't matter anymore in the slightest.

   He was also a very busy man who was caught in the throes of a spring cold and therefore stayed in his office and didn’t...

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