Chapter 11 - The Ethically Questionable Hand of Fate (1)
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   Now, as destiny would have it, I was on the fast track with fate to have my wish come true. The fact that I was trapped in a typically ignored little patch of the planet didn’t have much to do with the universal decision for wish fulfillment. There is a cosmic sense of humor bigger than all of us that thought it would get a good laugh while the adventure unfolded.

   So with the sound of a grizzly bear attacking a nest of hornets, a large, yellow, smoke-belching monster of a backhoe made its entrance onto the scene by squashing a thicket of blackberries into the soft earth at the edge of the meadow. Death Metal blared from the cab of the machine. Thrashing his head to the acid beat of the base was a bald man with a scruffy beard wearing the dingiest wife beater o...

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