Chapter 9 - To Bust Forth into Full Bloom (2)
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of glory, I had been given painful defeat.

   I bit him even as I cried out. This only spurred him on. For another moment, the battlefield driven by my desire was in disarray. I began to seriously consider a hasty retreat. Before I could, a miraculous thing happened. In place of the stinging wasps, butterflies spread their wings and fluttered throughout my entire body. I began to move with his thrusts, meeting them with a vitality born of a cataclysmic desire for more.

   He nearly beat me to the grand finale. Very nearly, in fact. But I had reached my stride and met him in the undulating sea of release at the exact same moment.

   I gasped for breath.

   He gasped for breath.

   The afterglow of a million suns coursed throu...

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