Chapter 9 - To Bust Forth into Full Bloom (1)
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   I was in a hot and bothered quandary as he lay there all unknowing. If I were to suddenly appear out of thin air, he was very likely to have a worse reaction than his exit from the water. I imagined him running through the long grass naked as the day he was born and leaving me with only his soggy attire as consolation. That would never do. The things I wanted--needed-- to do couldn't be accomplished with denim or hiking boots. Every last one of them required his luscious body...and many, many different positions...for quite a long time indeed.

   I couldn't sneak far enough away to pull myself back into the visible range and mimic a casual stroll into the meadow, either. My damnable tree allowed me a radius of several feet but no more. He was sure to noti...

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