Chapter 7 - The Fiercest of Beasts (1)
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   It's here that you might be thinking many thoughts. Granted, most of those thoughts may be related to a refill on that pumpkin spiced latte and which nibbly-munchie sounds good for a snack but I do hope that at least a momentary blip involving concern for the safety of my sanctuary and self may have crossed your mind. I mean, we're all supposed to be mindful of unknown environmental impacts and weigh the lives of creatures great and small with the same scale as we view our own, right? So, yeah, carry whatever reading preference you have in hand along with you for that potty break so you can really absorb the magnitude of dread-filled silence this newcomer's visit had produced in my little meadow. Feel the pressure build in it. Let that fear get you glancing out the window and checking the locks o...

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