Chapter 5 - Flash Forward
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   I won't bore you with my early years. Suffice it to say that they were a whirlwind of more of the same that you've read so far. Translate that into daily battles with a variety of insects and herbivores that thought I looked delicious. Punctuate it with Mama N's myriad of ways to either destroy me or force me to be strong enough to live. Then add the flourish of growing pains any time I decided to manifest outside of tree form. There you go, you've pretty much got the gist of the next five years.

   The only stand-out awesome things to happen in that time were these: First, as my tree grew taller, so did my manifestation. That meant I could finally get the lay of the land where I had been planted. More on that in a minute. The second was that I found tuni...

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