Chapter 3 - A Sprout is Born
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   I yawned and stretched when I finally woke up. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had yawned. I had stretched. Not just the seed that held my spark, me! Harmony! I was finally real – I mean, really real, not just that sort of real thing that I had been. I had manifested! I had fingers and toes and THUMBS! Seriously, you people have no idea how big of a deal that thumb thing is! Those babies are coveted by all. Those of us who can mimic them flaunt them like they were made of gold.

   The new little me – and oh, was I a tiny thing back then, barely larger than an ant and far less study – couldn't meander too far from the structure of my sprouting seed. That put me solidly in the dirt, but I was alright with that. I squiggled around in t...

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Table of Contents

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