Chapter 2 - Bushy-tailed Agents of Chaos (2)
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   Peaches...ah, yes, my own peaches. We would be a beautiful grove; a grove full of chittering things...

   I mean, love and joy. LOVE AND JOY, damn it!

   Where was that chittering coming from? It was nearly as bad as the ants! Maybe worse in some ways. Yeah, definitely worse. It was scattered where the ants were militantly organized. It was stressful chittering that made me want to cringe and hide. It felt inescapable and...manic. Yes, manic was the right word. Or crazed. That would work, too. Manic, crazed chittering...that was exactly what it was!

   Then I felt the sharpness of the ant's mandibles or the bird's beak only a thousand times bigger and the feeling of bouncing without ever touching the ground. I wasn't awar...

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