Chapter 2 - Bushy-tailed Agents of Chaos (1)
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   It takes a lot of energy to grow. Without the grudging infusion of Mother's sap through the umbilical of my stem, I was exhausted by evening. I thought to reabsorb some of the energy stored in the fleshy outer covering of my seed but no amount of trying produced results. The seed was too hard and I was too weak to root.

   The cold hard truth I found in the communal memory running through the core of me was that my pathetic escape from the tree was still just barely a step along the path to my actual birth. My prison cell had changed position but it was still a prison cell – and now it included a starvation diet that even the most dedicated supermodel would be hesitant to attempt.

   With nothing better to do, I dozed off to the sound of the...

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Table of Contents

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