Chapter 1 - The Birds and the Bees (2)
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   "You're intolerable!" Mom trilled. "You have no idea how bad this whole fruit-bearing business itches. And the weight of them as they grow! Clouds above but they pull on my branches something aweful. One of these days they are going to break. I can feel the cracking already! I'm going to be a branchless skeleton of myself and die a slow death from lack of chlorophyll. Won't you be sorry then? All spiraled around the corpse of me, feeling my rot seep into your bark... "

   "Listen to you," Dad said with a chuckle that even infuriated me. "You act like being fruitful is something awful. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your mother had fruit. Your father had fruit. Hell, I have fruit. None of us are whining. We all just do our part once a yea...

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