Samuel and Martha
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The war came slowly to Eagle Valley. It didn’t explode on their doorsteps or erupt in their fields. It settled in with them, added a faint hum of fear to the air. It whispered rumors of the heartache to come.

In Martha’s home, her younger sister Nell gave voice to the questions they all had. “Are you going to have to go to war?” she asked their father.

“I’m too old,” he said bluntly. “Can’t see like those young boys. I’d be wandering about, trying to find my way across the battlefield.” He pantomimed stumbling across the living room, pretending to bump into Nell. “Who are you? Friend or foe?” he said. Nell laughed and clapped. Martha smiled along, but her heart sank. Even if her father was spared, the young boys would have to go...

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