Chapter Fourteen (2)
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“Dad says that too. Says if it was me in the car, I would’ve died ‘cause my - you know,” Jackson collapsed forward, grabbing and holding onto my hand like an anchor. “Tanner said it too. I swear, he’s our dad’s mini-me.” 

I had no idea what to say. Tanner’s words came to mind. He had asked for a friend, using that as an excuse for why he suddenly popped up in my life and wouldn’t let go, but he’d ditched both of us for Ariadne, so while he might have meant what he said, he had meant it about her. Not that I faulted him for it. If she made everything easier, I honestly wished them the best, but sitting in his car, watching Jackson fall apart with guilt and grief, I saw myself - I saw all the bargaining I had done. Wanting my...

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