Chapter Eleven (1)
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Our third game of the season should’ve been an easy win. Score-wise, anybody might think it was if they hadn’t been there, but sitting on the bench waiting for my turn on the ice, I would’ve chewed my nails off if it weren’t for my gloves. Tanner - the idiot - sat watching. Ryan noticed. Then Andre noticed. Then Andre noticed Ryan notice, and probably also the way his sister was sitting in the row closest to Tanner, and the tentative camaraderie which had reformed slowly since Andre got kicked out of practice completely broke. 

“Get your head in the game, Page!” Coach Carr roared when Andre chased Lowell’s right wing. Turning on me, he growled, “Switch with Dixon. Now.”
Change signaled, I raced out as Ollie practically fell into the box. Lowell wasn&r...

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