Chapter Seven (2)
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As the two brothers glowered at each other, I set my bags down on the sidewalk. Shifting my hips side to side, I winced as my muscles protested. I hadn’t stretched nearly enough last night. With cooking dinner and dealing with Tanner, my mind filled up with what-ifs. And my bike. Who would take a bike with multiple tire-patches? 

It didn’t matter. Life continued without a bike. 

Normally, when I got to the rink, I had cycled there, but now, with the car, my muscles were still cold. Jogging in place, I cursed whoever took my bike.
“I think I have a jump rope in the back of my car,” Tanner offered.

I shook my head. “I’m good.”

“Jumping rope’s better,” he insisted, wheeling around with his keys in hand. “If you...

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