Chapter Six (1)
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“He’s back,” Geoffrey said.

Weaving around me on his blades, he gestured up to the high stand on the opposite side of the rink. Sure enough - for the second practice in a row, Tanner sat up on his high row, watching our practice from his perch. 

“Didn’t Coach kick him out last time?” Lincoln grumbled. “Why is he even trying? We don’t have another match with them for like a month, right?”

Up in the stands, Tanner grinned. Likely having caught that we were watching him. Raising a hand, he wiggled his gloved fingers. 

Huffing, I slid the puck back and forth from side to side. “Just leave it.” 

“Ah - seriously? He’s back?” Ryan skidded to a stop right across from me. Tilting up his helmet, he...

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