Chapter Five
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Ryan never scored a goal. We won regardless. Everyone screamed, surrounding Andre and chanting before they headed back into the locker room - and I into another. I couldn’t hear the chanting. Back in sweatpants after a shower, I debated rushing out, but the idea of being out there - waiting while they celebrated in the guy’s locker room caused my stomach to curl into knots. Growling, I shoved my gear into my bag, slamming the locker shut. Nobody got anywhere being a coward. 

“Beni!” My dad wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug before I could get two feet out of the women’s locker room. “Tied the game up! That’s my girl!” he shifted as if trying to ruffle my hair before realizing what he was doing. “Come on. Where do you want to eat? An...

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