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off stragglers in their own unique ways. The whole thing reminded me of a Monsters of Rock concert I had attended in my tender teenage years.

Passing through the crowd required a bit of effort and elbowing. Most of them didn’t know me from Eve in spite of all the rumors. They were not about to let me find a better spot than they had. My opposition actively got in my way. Those that claimed to be on my side rushed me so they could get face time. It wasn’t until I was shoved into Boo Boo’s polka-dotted backside that I started making any progress at all. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who’s a bit leery of clowns. Boo Boo’s penchant for biting convinced those that weren’t creeped out just by his proximity.

After all the shoving and nipping, I fin...

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