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you,” Frank said. I heard glee in his creepy calm voice. I felt his whispery breath stir the tiny hairs behind my ear. His body heat had conquered the defenses of my personal bubble and was contaminating the perfectly terrified, ice cold of my skin. “My, you’re tense. You really should relax more.”

I watched Ferrous and his band of brothers while freaky Frank rubbed my shoulders and my coherent thought process melted down into a mental puddle of awestruck surety. Epiphanies were always rough on my system, but they never felt like this. All of the others had been lightning-out-of-the-blue and a raging need for action. This was nothing like that at all. Even if you put a normal epiphany in a blender and then forced it through a sieve it would have been far from what I felt here. The en...

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