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my life some more. Me? I just felt deflated. I sagged at the edge of the pit with my feet dangling over the side. I thought about jumping, but it seemed like too much work and for what, really? Freaking Ferrous would just come drag me back up here. He’d probably add some new horrible level to my involvement when he did. He was such a jerk!

And suddenly, the lightning bolt of epiphany smacked me square in the forehead. Hating Ferrous would only ever achieve the opposite of what I wanted. Ferrous was a Minion. Minions live in Hell. Hell is a place filled with hate, loathing, and disgust. Cold pricklies were the warm fuzzies of the realm. If I hated the creep, he won. The only way to beat him was to shower him with affection. It sounded rather revolting but had the clear ring of truth nonetheless....

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