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I found the orange-striped bell bottoms right after I hauled myself over the edge of the Liars Circle. Mindy was right. Sammy was hot. I sprawled on my back and admired the view with Mindy’s little head cushioned on my belly and pointed appropriately. We sighed in appreciation.

When Sammy moved into the masses, I told Mindy to spy the match to my slipper. She was shrinking away too fast to wait out another round.

“Hey, I saw one of those just a little while ago. Let me think,” Mindy said.

Mindy hummed even higher than before. It made my teeth ache, which went nicely with the cold sweat I felt seeping out of my armpits. I knew I should have asked her this one first. I could probably have already been halfway home by now.

“Take your time,” I said, trying to...

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