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Squawking Shoe appeared unmoved at first. The faint sound of his shuffling feet accompanied a few non-committal shrugs and head jiggles. Then Baggy Pants must have said something discourteous about his buddy’s sister or mother…or maybe his shoe. In a flurry of dark movement, shrieks, and distant squelching sounds, Baggy Pants felt the wrath of Squawking Shoe’s discontent. I was pretty happy that I couldn’t make out the details. Even from a distance, the carnage was unnerving. All of Squawking Shoe’s earlier apathy unwound with grotesque quickness into a raging ball of cannibalistic infringement on his erstwhile partner’s form. Baggy Pants didn’t stand a chance. I found myself hoping that he might at least work the tussle towards the rim of The Pit so I wouldn’t be left to deal with Squ...

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