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It was too cold to think.

Snow filled my slippers. The wet slush drove my toes to numbness and crept up my legs. Goosebumps poked at the flannel penguin pajama pants that had seemed so warm when I pulled them on after the blind date from Hell had finally dropped me off in front of my tiny apartment. My breath left frantic clouds in the air making smoke signals that I didn’t want seen. I groped the checkered tablecloth - my makeshift coat -closer and shook as I ran. “Why did I wear a stupid freaking tank top?” My teeth chattered so hard the words were lost in manic clicks.

There was no warning. Air whistled in my ears and then my face was full of snow. I hadn’t even felt myself trip.

“Son of a…” My hands stung from ice scrapes and frostbite. I pus...

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