My Choice for Christmas
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Nina held her phone in her hands. Cameron, her mechanic, finished fixing her air conditioning in her car. She was the last to leave his shop, so they were the only two in his garage. Her palms sweated as she licked her lips waiting in the mechanic’s bay. One phone call would change her life. It was Cameron or Jeremy.

“I appreciate it, Cameron,” Nina said.

“No problem.” He hadn’t really looked at her since she arrived.

 “You need anything else from me?” He turned to face her, wiping his grimed hands with his towel.

His sharp tone, so different from their normal flirtatious banter, took her aback. “Did I do something Cam?”

He shook his head, holding up a hand in a feeble apology. “Nah. I just… congratulati...

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Table of Contents

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